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How Cross Stitch Can Help with Stress Relief and Mindfulness

How Cross Stitch Can Help with Stress Relief and Mindfulness

You may have seen the saying "Cross Stitch is My Therapy". In my case, it's definitely true. I struggle with anxiety and Cross Stitching helps me to relax and stop my overthinking. It can be a very therapeutic activity.

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Focus and Engaged

Cross-stitching requires you to focus your attention on the current moment. As you guide your needle through the fabric and create each stitch, your mind becomes focused on the current task. This helps to redirect your thoughts away from stress and anxiety which promotes a sense of calmness.

Mindful Movement

Since Cross stitching involves a repetitive motion it can create a state of mindfulness. When you're fully concentrating on your project, as you stitch, your body will automatically start to relax.

Expressing Yourself Creatively

Engaging in a creative hobby like Cross Stitch will allow you to express yourself artistically. As you're working on each project, especially when you've completed a pattern, you will have a sense of ownership over your work. This would foster a positive emotion because you are working on something that brings you happiness and joy.

Reducing Stress

The act of stitching, especially working on counted Cross Stitch and seeing each design take shape can be very soothing. This can trigger your body to relax and reduce stress.

Distraction from Negative Thoughts

I'm a huge overthinker! When I work on a project it proves a distraction from all the thoughts running through my head. I'm no longer thinking about the worst-case scenario or worrying over things that I need to take care of. I'm able to concentrate and relax.

Creates a Sense of Accomplishment

Even if you only complete a small section of your Cross Stitch project each day, it will give you a sense of achievement. This also helps with stress and anxiety because you feel like you've accomplished something for the day. I have definitely seen a difference in my mood when I have taken the time to do a bit of stitching.

Cross Stitch is Portable and Flexible

Cross Stitch can be done almost anywhere. I've seen ladies post pictures of them stitching on a beach, on their back patio while enjoying the sunlight, on a train, and even while in church. You can easily toss your project into a bag and carry it with you wherever you go.

Sense of Control

Anxiety and stress can make you feel like you're lacking a sense of self-control. When you're feeling stressed or over overwhelmed, Cross stitching can help you remain calm in many different situations.

Connecting Socially

If you don't get a lot of social interaction, Cross Stitch can provide a sense of belonging by joining groups where you can share your progress and discuss techniques with fellow stitchers. This can be uplifting and create positive connections with other stitchers.

Do you find that working on a Cross Stitch project helps with stress and mindfulness?

Cross Stitch Can Help with Stress Relief and Mindfulness

Cross Stitch is My Therapy

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