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DIY vs. Pre-Packaged Cross Stitch: Pros and Cons

DIY vs Pre-Packaged Cross Stitch: Pros and Cons

My very first Cross Stitch project was made from a kit. It was a cute little kitten in a Christmas stocking. Over the years, I have switched back and forth between pre-packaged kits and kitting up my own project using a purchased pattern. Here are my thoughts on the pros and cons of each option.

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Pros of Putting Together Your Own Cross-Stitch Kit with a Purchased Pattern...


Years ago, country themed patterns were the main options when selecting a pattern to. There are so many more options now! Modern, Floral, Animals, Christmas, Halloween, Fall, etc. When you choose your own pattern, you have the freedom to select one that fits your style and interests, allowing for a more personalized finished product.

Choosing Your Own Materials: 

You can handpick the fabric (brand, size, and color), floss colors, and other materials. This will ensure that you will be using your favorite brands and the supplies will meet your quality standards.

Cost Control: 

By choosing your own materials separately, you will have more control over your budget. You can opt for affordable or premium fabric and floss based on your preferences and budget.

Cons of Putting Together Your Own Cross-Stitch Kit with a Purchased Pattern...

Your Time: 

Gathering materials individually can be a bit time-consuming. You will need to gather all of your floss colors needed for the pattern, your choice of fabric as well as your other supplies. If you don't have all the floss colors or the correct size of fabric, you will need to order it online or go to your local craft store which can take a bit more time.

Potential Overwhelming Choices: 

The abundance of options for fabric, thread, and other supplies can be overwhelming. You will need the correct amount of fabric, the correct size of fabric and there are other choices such as the brand and color. The options for thread are extensive. My favorite brand is DMC, but there are many others to choose from as well as the type of thread.

Risk of Mistakes: 

Choosing the incorrect materials may lead to mistakes, such as selecting the wrong fabric size or count, which can impact the final result.

Storage Challenges: 

As you accumulate different supplies for your projects, storage can become an issue, particularly if you have limited space. You will need storage for your threads, fabric, patterns and other supplies such as hoops, needle minders, scissors, etc.

Pros of Using a Purchased Cross-Stitch Kit...


Pre-packaged Cross Stitch kits have pretty much everything you need to complete your project. The only other supplies you will need is a hoop or q-snap and scissors. This will save time and effort in gathering materials.


Kits will come with clear instructions on how to stitch the project as well as the chart which makes it easier for beginners to start their cross stitch journey. 


There is a decent variety of Cross Stitch kits available. You will be sure to find something that will suite your tastes and preferences.

Cons of Using a Purchased Cross-Stitch Kit...


Some pre-packaged kits can be quite costly. Especially, if they contain premium materials or are larger kits. 

Creativity Limitations: 

Using a kit can limit your creative freedom since you will be using the materials that are provided. 

Having Enough Thread: 

There are times, when a kit ends up not having enough thread to finish the project. You would need to find an exact match to the thread in order to complete your piece. This could be hard to do since most kits do not include the brand of thread that is included.

Thread Quality: 

There is the possibility that the thread included in the kit will not be a good quality brand. I have worked on kits where I've had issues with the thread breaking and this can be frustrating.

Using the Fabric that Comes with the Kit: 

There may be times when the fabric that is included with the kit is not to your liking. Maybe the fabric is too stiff or isn't the size you prefer, you may need to make adjustments and purchase a different brand of fabric or size.

Ultimately, deciding to use a pre-packaged kit or kitting up your own project depends on individual preferences and project goals. The best thing to do is weigh the pros and cons to make a decision that best suits your needs.

Happy Stitching!

Cross Stitch Kits: Pros and Cons

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