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My Favorite Must Have Cross Stitch Supplies

My Favorite Must Have Cross Stitch Supplies

I'm always looking for new products and new ways to help with my Cross Stitch hobby. I wanted to share a few items that I use while working on my projects to make the process a bit easier.

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Q-Snap for Cross Stitch
I started out using hoops and never liked the ring that they would leave on my finished pieces. It was so hard to get the creases out of the fabric. That's when I decided to try a Q-Snap and I absolutely love it! It took me a bit to figure out how to use it, but I shared a few of my tips on a previous blog post to help make it easier. I recommend purchasing the Q-Snap brand because I have read reviews about the off brand products and how they don't work as well.

Fabric Felt Sheets

Fabric Felt
I purchase Fabric Felt Sheets to help with using the Q-Snap. It makes the process of adding and removing the clamps a lot easier. I have a step by step process on how I use this method on a previous blog post.


Cross Stitch Needle
Honestly, I have so many needles that I will probably never need another one. Over the years I have saved every needle from every kit that I have purchased and use them on the next project that I kit up. It is recommended to use blunt needles, but I prefer the sharp ones. Now, I have poked myself more times than I can count, but sharp needles make it easier for me to run my thread under previous stitches. That brings me to...

Needle Storage

Magnetic Needle Case from Pinoy Stitch Store
Magnetic Needle Case from Pinoy Stitch Store
When I first started Cross Stitching, I would use a scrap piece of fabric to store all my needles on. Now, I prefer a needle case. There are many other options to choose from such as a magnetic needle case, a wooden needle case, needle storage tubes, and needle tins. It all depends on your preference.


Sewing Scissors
I recommend a set of small sharp scissors to trim your thread. The scissors that I use are stainless steel and the get into the smallest areas!

Needle Minder

I'm obsessed with all the cute various needle minders that are available. I wrote a quick blog post on what a needle minder is and how they work. Years ago, I would poke my needle into the arm of our couch when changing threads. Now, I don't know what I would do without mine!

Cookbook Stand

Wood Cookbook Stand from YANGSHUO Store
Wood Cookbook Stand from Yangshuo Store
I know you're thinking... What?! Before purchasing my cookbook stand, I used a cardboard stand that was available in the Cross Stitch section and it would always fall over. Especially, if I was using a book to stitch from. So, I thought... What about a cookbook stand?! It works perfectly. I sit it on my end table next to the couch and use a DMC Magnetic Board to hold my pattern and needle minder.

Floss Bobbins

Cross Stitch Thread Bobbins
There are many options for storing Cross Stitch thread. I prefer bobbins that I can use the DMC Number Stickers on. If using plastic bobbins, I recommend using the stickers or a permanent marker so the number doesn't rub off. You can also use thread bags or binder pages if you prefer.

Thread Storage Boxes

Cross Stitch Thread Storage Boxes
I store my thread in plastic storage boxes arranged by number. It makes it easier for me to find the number I'm looking for when kitting up a new project.


Cross Stitch Aida Cloth
My eyesight isn't so great so I prefer to use 14-count Aida. I would love to try Linen or Evenweave, but even with glasses... I don't think my eyes would tolerate the small holes.

Cross Stitch Kits and Pattern Books

Cross Stitch Kits
I use both kits and books. I also purchase patterns from designers on Etsy. I enjoy kits because there is no digging around for thread and the correct size fabric, but sometimes the kits may not have the best thread. Pattern Books are great because you receive multiple patterns that you can kit up yourself and switch up the thread colors if you like. Be careful when purchasing kits because some say they're Cross Stitch, but they're actually embroidery or diamond art kits.

A Good Light

LED Desk Lamp from RAOYI Store
LED Desk Lamp from RAOYI Store
I prefer a lamp with a bright white light that is adjustable. When I first started stitching many... many years ago, I would just use the light in the room. I wonder why my eyes aren't great now... :) A bright white light really helps to see the fabric and pattern better.

Do you have any products that you love to use to help you along with your stitching projects? I would love to hear your recommendations!

Happy Stitching!!

Favorite Cross Stitch Supplies

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