Friday, November 13, 2020

Completed Cross Stitch: Blooming Teapot

Pretty pastel butterflies and flowers. What is there not to love about this adorable Teapot Cross Stitch pattern?!

Completed Blooming Teapot Cross Stitch

I completed this piece in August of 2019. I was lucky enough to find this kit in the mark down section of Hobby Lobby so I snatched it up.

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Before I get into my thoughts on stitching this piece, here are the details of the kit...

Designed By: Kooler Design Studio
Published By: Artiste
Finished Size: 7.375" x 9.25"
Stitched on: 14 Count Aida
Kit includes thread, Aida, needle, pattern and instructions.

I absolutely love the finished piece and it's designed by one of my favorites, but I did have some struggles and concerns.

There was a lot of color changes throughout the flowers, which is okay, but it took me a bit longer to stitch. And I didn't really care for my french knots. My french knots turn out much better when I use two strands, but the instructions called for using one strand. I may go back and fix those at some point.

It felt as if I was close to running out of thread for a couple of colors, but I did have enough to complete the piece. There is one thing that I was a bit confused on when it came to the thread color used for one of the flowers. The flower that is located at the top of the teapot between the two larger flowers was a bit different in color from the image shown in the kit. It blended nicely once completed, but I'm not sure why the thread color was different.

Here are a few close up pictures of the completed piece...

Blooming Teapot Cross Stitch Up Close

If you are interested in purchasing this kit, I have seen it on eBay for a reasonable price. I have seen it on Amazon as well, but there is no kit currently listed.

Do you have this kit in your stash or have you already stitched it up?

Finished Blooming Teapot Cross Stitch

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