Saturday, November 14, 2020

Completed Cross Stitch: Teal Floral

 I had seen this Teal Floral Cross Stitch shared in one of my Facebook groups and I knew I wanted this for our living room.

Completed Teal Floral Cross Stitch

Even though I have completed stitching this piece, I still haven't framed it. I'm a terrible procrastinator when it comes to actually turning my stitched pieces into something useable. I love the stitching process, but finishing... not so much.

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Before I get into my thoughts on working with this kit, here are the details on what's included...

Designed By: Kooler Design Studio
Published By: Artiste
Finished Size: 8.125" x 10"
Stitched on: 14 Count Aida
Kit includes Aida, needle, thread, pattern and instructions.

I absolute loved the thread and needle in this kit. I'm not sure what brand thread is included, but the texture was great and it was so easy to work with. I always save my needles from each kit that I purchase so that I can use it on other projects and I'm already using it on my next one. AA++ for Artiste! There was plenty of thread to use and the pattern was easy for me to see.

The lines used to indicate backstitching on the patter were bold and easy to see. I did have a hard time seeing the light grey thread when using it to backstitch because it blended in with the stitches.

I love the finished piece!

This is before I added the backstitching and french knots...

Teal Floral Cross Stitch Before

And here are a few close up pictures...

Teal Floral Cross Stitch Up Close

If you are looking to purchase this kit, you can find it at Hobby Lobby.

Have you stitched this piece? Do you have it in your stash?

Finished Teal Floral Cross Stitch


  1. I am going to start this one soon. how many strands of floss did you use? the directions says to use 2 for cross stitch, but if you look at the legend, some says 1 and some says 2.

    1. Hello and thank you for the question! I'm so sorry that I did not see it until now. You will use the number of strands listed on the legend for each color listed. For example, Pewter Gray is 2 strands for one symbol and 1 strand for the backstitch... Light Beaver Gray would be 1 strand while Very Light Peacock Blue would be 2 strands. I hope this helps! <3


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