Saturday, November 28, 2020

How to Use a Needle Minder for Cross Stitch

Before joining one of my favorite Cross Stitch groups, I had never heard of a needle minder. Now, I don't know what I would do without mine!

How to Use a Needle Minder for Cross Stitch

What is a needle minder?

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A needle minder is a decorative piece made out of wood, clay, metal or even resin that holds your needle in place with a magnet while you are switching threads or taking a break. I use to stab my needle in my fabric temporarily or stick it through my shirt which is never a good idea since they can be lost so easily.

How do you use a needle minder?

A needle minder consists of two pieces. The decorative piece is attached to one magnet and it attaches to another magnet that is placed on the other side of your fabric. Simply rest your needle on the minder and it will stay in place for you until you are ready to use it again.

Now, I don't trust myself all that much and I'm afraid of losing my needle once I'm finished stitching for the day, so I will remove my needle from the needle minder and place it though my felt piece that I use for my Q-Snap, on the edge of my fabric where the design will not be stitched, or in a needle box.

Needle minders can be dangerous!

Only because they're so addicting! There are so many adorable designs that collecting needle minders can become a new hobby! I've seen cats, dogs, flowers, butterflies, gnomes, cupcakes, hearts, scrabble pieces, food... the designs are endless and fantastic!

If I had the room to store them, I would have a huge collection!

Using a Needle Minder for Cross Stitch

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