Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Cross Stitch Planners: A great way to document your projects!

Cross Stitch Planners - Document Your Projects

Are you looking for a way to document and track your Cross Stitch projects?

Cross Stitch Planners are a great option! These planners may include such things as a wish list, shopping list for supplies, thread inventory, pattern/kit inventory, a WIP log and/or an area where you can include a starting and ending date for each of your projects, and more!

There has been many times when I was asked who the designer of a pattern was or I needed to know the size of the completed piece and I would have to dig around in my stash to find the answer. This would be perfect to keep up with all that information!

Each journal varies and may or may not include all of the sections you would like, so I would definitely recommend looking closely at each panner to see which one will work best for you. Also, read the description carefully to see if this a printable version where you would need to print the pages out yourself or if the planner is delivered to you in book form.

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Here are a few planners that caught my eye and I think are absolutely adorable!

My Cross Stitch Journal

My Cross Stitch Project Book

Cross Stitch Pattern Planner

Cross Stitch Project Planner

Cross Stitch Planner

Have you ever used a planner or journal to keep track of your projects?

Cross Stitch Planners Pin

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